Newmanbrain shows its fNIR BrainSpy 28 device at RTVE

RTVE (Radio Televisión Española), in its territorial news of the Valencia Community, has made a report to the Newmanbrain team.

During the report, Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez, Project Director, and researcher Miguel Hernández University Sergio Molina have explained some of the functionalities and advantages of our fNIR BrainSpy 28 device of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the analysis of brain activity .

You can see the interview in the following video:


Source RTVE La 1L’informatiu – Comunitat Valenciana :

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spin-off of the University of Alicante creates a device to diagnose depression, hyperactivity and dementias

The neuroimaging device developed by a team from the UMH, the Neurosciences Institute and the UA measures the cerebral response to stimuli.

The newspaper Diario Informacion, leader in Alicante, has conducted an extensive interview with the Newmanbrain team about our fNIR BrainSpy 28 device, which has been published in its digital edition as in its paper edition of January 17, 2019.

Captures of the cover page and page 4 of the Diario Informacion in it´s paper edition. Interview made by journalist Sol Giménez with photos and video by Pilar Cortés.






The interview highlights the functionality of the Newmanbrain fNIR BrainSpy 28 device with the aim of helping psychologists in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses for which there is currently no objective measurement system.

Below we show the video made to the I+D director and professor of Physiology of the UMH Joaquín Ibáñez in the interview:


Source Diario Informacion:

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Newmanbrain Seal of Excellence

Newmanbrain receives the Seal of Excellence, certificate from the European Commission for the project presented within the Horizon 2020 initiative “Robust, non-invasive, easy-to-use & portable brain monitoring device”.

Seal of Excellence is a certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020.

Newmanbrain Seal of Excellence

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Newmanbrain at the eVIA awards ceremony

Newmanbrain exhibits his FNIR device for recording brain activity at the Carlos III University.

Sergio Molina (Psychologist)The psychologist Sergio Molina was in charge of performing the demonstration of the functioning of our system to the people who visited the facilities.

The event held yesterday March 22, 2018 began at 10:00 am and ended at 15:00 pm, in addition to the presence of prominent personalities related to the field of innovation and technological entrepreneurship.

Taking advantage of the stay in Madrid, CEO Pablo Belmonte held various meetings with various people related to the financial sector and who have shown interest in collaborating or participating with Newmanbrain.

eVIA awards Universidad Carlos III

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Newmanbrain, finalist in the IV Innova eVIA Awards for its pioneering technology for biomedical use

Newmanbrain which is part of the PCUMH is specialized in the development of software and hardware for biomedical use, mainly in the areas of neurosciences and biomedicine.

Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez, Alejandro Méndez, Pablo Belmonte, Dr. Carlos Belmonte

The spin-off of the UMH Scientific Park Newmanbrain has been chosen as a finalist in the contest “Innova Proyecto del IV Certamen Premios Innova eVIA”. The company is specialized in the development of software and hardware for biomedical use, mainly in the areas of neuroscience and biomedicine. After the first choice of finalists, a jury of experts will conduct a second evaluation in which the winners of each category will be selected. The Innova eVIA Awards seek to recognize the effort in scientific and scientific excellence and innovative  solutions and developed services in the field of applied technologies to Health and Active Independent Living.

As its CEO , Pablo Belmonte, points out, this recognition is an important boost for the company: “Being among the best in the area of applied technology  to neurosciences and recognizing the effort made, entails a great satisfaction for our team. ” In addition, as part of its award, Newmanbrain will be able to publicize its project in the exhibition  organized by the event. This will take place during the day of the awards ceremony which will be held on Thursday, March 22  in Madrid.

During this event, the spin-off part of the Scientific Park of the UMH will present to the attendees some of the innovative technologies that they have developed for biomedical use. “We will show how our device works for the analysis of brain activity. A portable system that uses near infrared technology (fNIR) to measure and record brain functions,” says Belmonte. Furthermore, the company will show how this device helps to relate the response to certain stimuli (affective, cognitive, etc.) and alsod it relationship with the changes in cerebral blood flow that occurs during mental activity.

Newmanbrain is driven by the former director of the Institute of Neurosciences (IN), a mixed center between the UMH and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), and professor emeritus of the UMH, Carlos Belmonte, by the worker of the Neurosciences Institute Alejandro Méndez, by the director of the Department of Physiology of the UMH, Joaquín Ibáñez, and by Pablo Belmonte. Currently, the company is focused on improving the software and hardware of its device to make it a product of high demand for professionals in Psychology and other potential buyers. Moreover, the company is developing new equipment for the assessment of various biological functions, using fNIR technology.

Source :

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Newmanbrain with Innovation in the Valencian Community

The Information Club Forum, the University of Alicante and Bankia celebrated the step on Wednesday November 22 a Breakfast-Colloquium dedicated to “Innovation in the Valencian Community” to which Newmanbrain was invited as an innovative company.

Innovation in the Valencian Community


Mr. Andrés García Reche, Executive Vice President of the Valencian Innovation Agency, addressed “The role of Innovation in the transformation of the productive model”.

Next, Mr. Andrés Pedreño, President of AlicanTEC, analyzed “Alicante in the Digital Economy”.

Finally, Mr. Francisco Ruiz, Director of Politics and Public Affairs of Google Spain and Portugal, presented “The Google Activate Digital Training Program”.

Closing the event, Google delivered to the Molt Honorable President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, the award given to the Valencian Community for its leadership in the training of digital talent.Innovation in the Valencian Community

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XVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurosciences

Newmanbrain highlights the advantages of its devices during the XVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurosciences

XVII Congress of the Spanish Society of NeurosciencesOn September 29, 2017, during the XVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurosciences, the company Newmanbrain presented, in collaboration with the head professor of the Department of Physiology Joaquín Ibáñez, a poster format communication detailing the advantages that the equipment of this company presents for the measurement of psychophysiological variables. In particular, the communication entitled “A multimodal system for functional assesment of brain and systemic responses” focused on the technology of near-infrared light and electroencephalography as useful methods for the assessment of humans in neurosciences. Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurosciences


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Newmanbrain collaborate at the II International Congress of Psychobiology

Newmanbrain collaborate at the II International Congress of PsychobiologyIn Avila (Spain), on July 19, 20 and 21, students of the PhD in Neuroscience at the Universidad Miguel Hernández, Sergio Ortuño, Marcos Mirete and Sergio Molina, as well as the professor of the Department of Physiology Joaquín Ibáñez, presented four papers in the II International Congress of Psychobiology in collaboration with the company Newmanbrain. The common theme of all the works was the near-infrared light technology as a useful tool for affective and cognitive assessment.

In particular the first communication entitled “Mapping conflict onto forehead: a near-infrared approach” is about the emotional reactions we experience in the viewing of images. Using different images of different valence and arousal we have been able to characterize in different spatial and temporal terms the different emotional reactions. The second communication entitled “Mapping mental load onto: forehead: a near infrared approach” talks about the vasomotor oscillations during the accomplishment of an arithmetical type cognitive task. The third, also deals with emotional aspects, under the title of “Mapping startle response onto forehead: a near-infrared approach” but in particular about emotional reactions of the defensive type as the startle response. “A Multimodal system for functional assessment of brain and systemic response” is the title of the fourth communication in which the possibility of making combined registers of near-infrared light spectroscopy together with electroencephalography is presented.

Newmanbrain collaborate at the II International Congress of Psychobiology

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Newmanbrain and Coralel join the UMH Science Park

Companies Newmanbrain and Coralel join the UMH Science Park

The rector of the Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche, Jesús Pastor Ciurana, and the promoters of the spin off Newmanbrain and Coralel have signed this morning the constitution of their companies. With this signature, the UMH participates with 5% in both companies. The event was also attended by the director-manager of the UMH Foundation, Tonia Salinas, the University’s Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Manuel Jordán, and the general secretary of the UMH, Mercedes Sánchez.

Newmanbrain and Coralel join the Science Park

Newmanbrain is a company focused on the creation, commercialization, management, consulting and engineering of hardware and software, as well as projects applied to neurosciences, the healthcare industry and any field that requires biomedical technology. The company is led by the professor emeritus of the UMH and former director of the Institute of Neurosciences, mixed center of the University and the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), Carlos Belmonte, the worker of the Instituto de Neurociencias Alejandro Méndez, the director Of the Department of Physiology of the UMH, Joaquín Ibáñez, and by Pablo Belmonte.

For its part, Coralel is a spin off promoted by the professors of the Engineering Department of Communications Germán Torregrosa and Roberto Gutiérrez, as well as by the professor of the Department of Materials Science, Optics and Electronic Technology Ernesto Ávila. The company focuses on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of electronic, wireless and communications systems, as well as high frequency systems, acquisition and signal processing. Also, applications and software programs for use in fields such as medicine, industry, teaching, research or health care of people.

With the signing of these new constitutions, both spin off become part of the business network of the UMH Science Park, which currently has about 80 related companies that develop innovative products and services for various business sectors.

 Info :

Newmanbrain and Coralel join the Science Park

Newmanbrain and Coralel join the Science Park

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