Newmanbrain collaborate at the II International Congress of PsychobiologyIn Avila (Spain), on July 19, 20 and 21, students of the PhD in Neuroscience at the Universidad Miguel Hernández, Sergio Ortuño, Marcos Mirete and Sergio Molina, as well as the professor of the Department of Physiology Joaquín Ibáñez, presented four papers in the II International Congress of Psychobiology in collaboration with the company Newmanbrain. The common theme of all the works was the near-infrared light technology as a useful tool for affective and cognitive assessment.

In particular the first communication entitled “Mapping conflict onto forehead: a near-infrared approach” is about the emotional reactions we experience in the viewing of images. Using different images of different valence and arousal we have been able to characterize in different spatial and temporal terms the different emotional reactions. The second communication entitled “Mapping mental load onto: forehead: a near infrared approach” talks about the vasomotor oscillations during the accomplishment of an arithmetical type cognitive task. The third, also deals with emotional aspects, under the title of “Mapping startle response onto forehead: a near-infrared approach” but in particular about emotional reactions of the defensive type as the startle response. “A Multimodal system for functional assessment of brain and systemic response” is the title of the fourth communication in which the possibility of making combined registers of near-infrared light spectroscopy together with electroencephalography is presented.

Newmanbrain collaborate at the II International Congress of Psychobiology

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