Newmanbrain spin-off winner of the IV edition of the In4Bankia 2019 awards

The company has been awarded in the “Best Start-Up” category, aimed at firms with ideas to improve products or services based on new technologies.

Newmanbrain Best Start-Up Award in the IV Edition In4Bankia Awards

Support the development of the Alicante society through the recognition of its leading companies. This is the objective of the In4Bankia awards where the Newmanbrain spin-off of the UMH Science Park has been recognized. Specifically, it has been a winner in the “Best Start-Up” category, aimed at companies with less than two years of life with ideas to improve products or services based on new technologies. As part of this award, Newmanbrain has received an economic endowment of 6,000 euros to boost the visibility and communication of the company, and a commemorative statuette. The In4Bankia awards are organized and sponsored by Editorial Prensa Alicantina and by the financial institution Bankia.

Newmanbrain specializes in the development of software and hardware for biomedical use, mainly in the areas of neurosciences and biomedicine. Specifically, the spin-off of the UMH Science Park has developed an innovative device for the analysis of brain activity: a portable system that uses near infrared technology (fNIR) to measure and record brain functions. This device is an aid to relate the response to certain stimuli (affective, cognitive, etc.) with changes in cerebral blood flow that occurs during mental activity.

As the CEO of the company, Pablo Belmonte, points out, this award is a boost for the visibility of the company: “This recognition highlights the silent and constant work carried out by a group of extraordinary professionals in science and medicine.” And he adds: “We thank the organizers of these awards for their dissemination and promotion of our project and the UMH and its Science Park for their support to the promotion of new companies.”



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