fNIR BrainSpy 28 Instant Mental Examination

EL MUNDO newspaper, in its section of Society and Technology of the Valencian Community on April 1, 2019 and in its digital version as in paper, echoes the fNIR BrainSpy 28 device of Newmanbrain developed in the Science Park of the University Miguel Hermandez de Elche (UMH).

Pablo Belmonte, Newmanbrain CEO, describes, during the interview conducted by EL MUNDO, various features and properties that the fNIR BrainSpy 28 Newmanbrain device offers to evaluate a person’s cognitive or emotional functions in a simple and effective way.


Pablo Belmonte, Newmanbrain CEO, with his team and the fNIR BrainSpy device 28

Image made by El Mundo newspaper

Fnir BrainSpy 28 instant mental examination

Image made by El Mundo newspaper








You can read the integrated interview in the following link:

Source El Mundo: https://www.elmundo.es/comunidad-valenciana/alicante/2019/04/01/5c9fb2bf21efa0e93c8b4595.html

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