EEG WaveSpy 8

Newmanbrain EEG WaveSpy 8 is a wireless and wearable Electroencephalography (EEG) equipment which includes a electrocardiography (ECG) and a respiration channel. It also includes several inputs and outputs which can be used for external sincronization as well as to connect to different accesories like patient response pad device and a real time stimulus sincronization device. It can be used with industry standard electrodes.

Why EEG WaveSpy 8?

The real difficulty in designing a good system for recording brain activity lies in the knowledge of neurophysiological processes. It is not easy to have this “know-how” that is only acquired after many years of dedication to science. The EEG WaveSpy 8 is not just another EEG because it provides the use other important biological measurements like EKG and Respiration Rate. It also can be used with our include sincronization sensor to sincronize stimulus in any time sensitive experiment. To record patient response EEG WaveSpy 8 includes also a a simple and small reponse pad which can be used for simple and more complex experiments.

EEG WaveSpy 8 Features

Newmanbrain EEG WaveSpy 8 Features



Medical Research

Cognitive Diagnosis

Affective State Diagnosis


Included with EEG WaveSpy 8

EEG WaveSpy 8

License key data analysis software

Patient Response Pad

Stimulus Sincronization Light Sensor

User Guide

Cleaning Cloth


Technical Specifications

MEASURES Electrical brain activity, respiration and electrical heart activity.
CHANNELS 8 Electroencephalography channels, 1 electrocardiography channel and 1 respiration channel.
RESOLUTION 24 bits for every electroencephalography, electrocardiography and respiration channel.
COMMUNICATION Wireless connection to computer via WiFi.
Optical synchronization with visual stimulus. It works with up to 6 different kind of stimulus and has a response time lower than sampling.
RESPONSE PAD Light 4-button patient response pad.
EXTERNAL TRIGGER Auxiliar input to sincronize with up to 3 different external triggers.
SAMPLING FREQUENCY 250 Hz for all channels.
SOFTWARE Specialized software with real-time filtering, visualization and analysis.
STORAGE Real-time, unlimited data storage in experiments of up to 30 minutes.
POWER At leat 10 hours of non stop recording with 3 AA batteries.
DIMENSIONS 12.5 x 7.8 x 3.3 cm (WxHxD)



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