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Who We Are & What We Do

Newmanbrain is an initiative of a scientific and technological based company dedicated to the development of software and hardware instrumentation for biomedical applications mainly in the areas of neuroscience and biomedicine and supported by the University Miguel Hernandez.

Where We are

We are located at the Scientific Park of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, Spain.

Building Quorum III Science Park. Miguel Hernández University


The main problem for science today is to correlate the activity of diverse areas of the brain with mental functions: Thoughts, emotions, sensations and motor functions. Achieving this will change how professionals evaluate emotional responses, “especially the psychologists” and will allow multiple future applications in different sectors and industries.

Solution / Product

Reduced Size

Reduced Size

Taking psycologists´professional needs into account, we have created a small, portable and simple device that allows the mobility of the subject and effectively measures the brain activity in a non-invasive way.

Excellent Results

Excellent Results

It has been proven both effective and efficient and has even solved technical problems observed in other competitive instruments.

Specialized Software

Specialized Software

We have created software that can integrate different equipment records such as the electroencephalograph and electrocardiograph which can also be displayed in a combined manner, correlating the different variables obtained.

Top Technology

Top Technology

Our devices allow the user to obtain objective multimodal measurements of brain activity associated with specific mental activities for the first time, providing quantifiable information on the characteristics of individual responses to specific tests of perception, emotion or cognitive ability.

Why Newmanbrain?

Newmanbrain is a business project with a high level of personal expertise, technical knowledge and connections with top level international research groups, usually only available to very established companies.

Our system facilitates the evaluation by professionals of brain processes in humans of all ages, reanging from childhood to old age, a time of life when the decline of certain capabilities takes place. All together it has allowed us to perform certain actions and capacity improvements that otherwise independent professional fields would have been extremely difficult to work with different patterns and knowledge.

Newmanbrain Team Members

Pablo Belmonte (Newmanbrain CEO)

Pablo Belmonte


Businessman and entrepreneur. Graduated in commercial aviation from the University of Salamanca and the Civil aviation authority. MBA and currently pursuing master’s degree in business management and marketing in the European school of business. He has trained in finance, strategy Analysis and Marketing.

Dr. Carlos Belmonte (Newmanbrain Director Scientific Council)

Dr. Carlos Belmonte

Director Scientific Council

Doctor of Medicine with honors from the University Complutense of Madrid, Professor at the medical school since 1973, neuroscientist researcher, founder and director for 20 years of the Neurosciences Institute of Alicante, Joint Center Superior Council for scientific Research at the University Miguel Hernández,

the largest Spanish institution devoted to the study of the brain. He has been a Visiting Professor in Neuroscience at the Universities of Harvard and Utah in the USA and also New South Wales in Australia. Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Castilla la Mancha. Currently President of the International Brain Research Organization, which has among it, members more than 60,000 neuroscientists and 91 scientific institutions around the world. Member of the Royal Academy of Spanish and German science, he has been awarded among others the National Research Prize “Rey Jaime I”, the National Prize for Biology and Biomedicine “Severo Ochoa”, and the National Prize for Medicine “Gregorio Marañón”, Endre Balazs Prize of the International Society for eye Research, the European Prize for vision from the institute of European vision, the Special honoree ARVO foundation for his outstanding contribution to vision and ophthalmology etc. Dr. Belmonte is an internationally recognized expert in neurosciences and is one of the most influential scientists in Spain.

Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez (Newmanbrain I+D Director)

Dr. Joaquín Ibáñez

I+D Director

Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alicante and Professor of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University Miguel Hernandez. Department director and member of the Governing Council elected by Deans, School Directors, Departments and Inst. He has worked for years in the developmento of software application for medicine and teaching

but also for surveillance systems. He has several technology patents in Spain.

Alejandro Mendez (Newmanbrain Technical Director Manager)

Alejandro Mendez

Technical Director Manager

Technical Engineer in Telecommunications and Electronic Systems at UMH and Master in Automation Engineering and Robotics at the University of Alicante. He has received an award by from the College of Engineers for the best end-of-career project of his promotioncourse and has experience working in different fields of Electronics

among them, home automation, automotive electronics and industrial processes. His Specialization focuses on the complete comprehensive design of electronic devices, both hardware and software development.

Dr. Luis Martínez (Newmanbrain Director Advisory Council)

Dr. Luis Martínez

Director Advisory Council

Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1992.Ph. D program: Biological Sciences (Neuroscience) at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1997. Postdoctoral Positions: Rockefeller University, New York, 1996-2001. Previous posts: Guest researcher.
Department of Biological Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA (2002-).

Professor of the Department of Physiology. University of Coruña. Spain. (2003-2006). Assistant Professor of Physiology. University of Coruña. Spain. (1999-2003). Guest researcher. Neurobiology Laboratory. Rockefeller University. New York, NY, USA. (2001) Postdoctoral Associate. New York, NY, USA. (1997-2000) Rockefeller University. Guest researcher. Rockefeller University. New York, NY, USA. (1996-1997). PhD. Student. Department of Physiology, University of Santiago de Compostela. Spain. (1992-1997). Current position: Scientific Head of the CSIC (2006).

Sergio Molina (Newmanbrain Advisory Council)

Sergio Molina

Advisory Council

Degree in Nursing from the University of Alicante and Psychology from Universidad Miguel Hernández of Elche. Postgraduate in General Health Psychology and Neuroscience. Awarded in the national end-of-career awards for the 2013/2014 academic year. He currently holds a PhD in Neuroscience at the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche with a university faculty scholarship (FPU).

Javier Esclapés (Newmanbrain Technical Department)

Javier Esclapés

Technical Department

Doctor Engineer from the University of Alicante, has developed part of his research career at the University of Liège (Belgium). Materials Engineer (2nd cycle) and Technical Engineer in Industrial Design from Polytechnic University of Valencia. Currently, Assistant Professor in the area of Graphic Expression in the Engineering Department of Graphic Expression and Cartography of Alicante University.

Miguel Ibáñez (Newmanbrain Technical Department)

Miguel Ibáñez

Technical Department

Computer technician and installer, he has worked in various companies such SIEMENS-NIXDORF, SabadellCAM, HSMART, Animatic Informatica and Laboratory Information Systems L.I.S becoming technical director of Spain in the last year. He has extensive computer skills in all of his fields.

Alejandro Martín (Newmanbrain Technical Department)

Alejandro Martín

Technical Department

Degree in Multimedia Engineering, delivered and in the process of approval. Superior Technician in Telecommunication and Computer Systems. Technician in Electronic Equipment of Consumption.

Luis Valls (Newmanbrain CFO)

Luis Valls


Double degree, in economics and management and business administration. Master in auditing and financial risk has also conducted several corporate finance programs at the London school of economics. He has done part of his professional career in corporate banking, highlighting as a risk expert.

He currently combine his position as chief financial officer in Newmanbrain, with the vice presidency in the project development section at North American venture capital firm, Proton Enterprises.

Francisco Llorca (Newmanbrain COO Chief operating officer)

Francisco Llorca

COO Chief Operating Officer (USA)

BBA in Finance and Economics, MBA in Finance & international business. He has been working in GE as an International executive director and has experience in business development, global growth, operations and industrial solutions in industries across Latin America, US and Europe.

Joaquín Gómez (Newmanbrain COO Chief operating officer)

Joaquín Gómez

COO Chief Operating Officer

MBA, experienced manager in the biosanitary field specialized in mergers, acquisitions, incorporation and launching of spinoffs. He has closed international development and global marketing agreements on four continents and is considered an expert in innovation. He has been coordinating committees of experts mainly in biotechnology and biomedical technologies for two decades.


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